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Recent Events

Why are things the way they are throughout the world today?  We often do not take time  to think about why there are good things in our lives, and also bad things.  Amazing natural beauty from sunsets to shear cliffs at the edge of the sea.  And, at the same time there are natural disasters, wars and incredible cruelity of mankind toward one another.


We don't claim to know all the answers, but we think it important to think about the big questions in life.  Why are we here?  Is there purpose for my life?  What happens next?  With this in mind we try, amoung many other things to provide opportunities to listen and interact with others around these and other similar topics.  Why?  Because what we believe matters.  It shows up ultimately in the way we live, act and treat others around us.


Here are a few things Kinsale ABC has done in the recent past.  We look forward to offering more opportunities like these in the future.

Kinsale Baptist Church
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Kinsale Baptist Church
2017 Summer Team

The team in 2017 remained true to the tradition of past teams who have served the Kinsale community with wholesome activities throughout the week. 4 day expanded Quest Club, Fun Football with parents, OASIS youth events and Tempo Cafe all added to the lives of kids and their parents. 

Kinsale Baptist Church
2016 Carols at Christmas
Eight years of traditional Christmas music again saw a full house for 2016. With interest remaining high for the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus we will always look to provide Carols at Christmas in Kinsale.
Kinsale Baptist Church
2016 Summer Team

Another brilliant team dedicated themselves in early June to help with a special 4 day Quest Club, Fun Football match with parents, OASIS youth club and many other activities including Tempo Café. We are already looking forward to seeing who the Lord brings for our 2017 team - maybe it could be you!

Kinsale Baptist Church
2015 Carols at Christmas

Seven years strong saw a packed house on 13 December for our 2015 Carols at Christmas Service. Traditional, as well as a bit of new songs were on tap followed by coffee, tea and mince pies.

Kinsale Baptist Church
Summer Team 2015.


13th to 21st June were the dates of Summer Team 2015 when 12 young adults joined us here in Kinsale.  Four day Quest club, Fun Football, Tempo Cafe, youth events and other activities brought this year's team together and resulted in lots of smiles and new friendships, both amoung the team and those whose lives they have touched.

Kinsale Baptist Church
Dealing with Depression
Dr. Ivan Watson -  2015 & 2017.

Ivan trained as a medical doctor and worked as a GP before becoming a Christian Pastor.  He now lives in Cavan and is married to Carol who works as a psychiatric doctor.  Both Ivan & Carol became interested in mental illness while they were medical students.  

Kinsale Baptist Church
Carols at Christmas 2014.


14th December was our 6th annual Christmas Carols progamme, this year held at Acton's Hotel in Kinsale.  The Kinsale Suite was packed with people from the area joining in the singing of Christmas carols, listening to reading directly from the scriptures and hearing a brief application of why the birth of Jesus matters to us today.

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